In our current time of increasing globalisation, the Medicospeaker-App was designed to ensure the adherence of processes and to tackle language barriers in the healthcare system - and that cost-efficient.

The sheer number of patients and professionals with no knowledge of the national language is an overwhelming challenge for medical institutions. Medicospeaker will take on these problems by combining expert-knowledge with the technical know-how to create the perfect solution for your domain.

Why Medicospeaker?

Avoid misunderstanding and reduce error propabilities

Medicospeaker reduces language barriers, ensuring a clear communication.

Standardized workflow

The adherence of predefined processes establishes standards and ensures the quality of work.

Work more efficiently

By providing beforehand translated conversation sequences the medical staff is able to focus on the workflow.

Reduce costs

1h interpreter ≈ ca. 1 year Medicospeaker
By using Medicospeaker (video-)interpreters might not be necessary in every case.

Globalisation of your organization

With Medicospeaker your organization is perfectly prepared for international patients and also offers the opportunity to train foreign-language specialists.

We believe in a healthcare system in which every patient feels understood.

Areas of application

Medical facilities

Fitting various medical areas with suitable translations.


For your employees abroad, travel health insurance, occupational health insurance


The precaution for your vacation.

In collaboration with experts, phrases were linked into conversation sequences and translated into 15 languages. Each can be choosen freely. The conversations depict everyday care processes according to the nursing science model of Juchli – for now.

Medicospeaker provides fast and easy communication between patients and medical staff. It can be perfectly used for various spoken languages. The user friendly app performs pioneering work in the application area and is therefore the optimal solution.

Important features


Medicospeaker is designed for the use of medical professionals, as well as for the use of patients. This allows the respective party in each situation to obtain necessary information or to express needs.

Can be used offline

The offered features of Medicospeaker can be used without internet connection. This ensures flexible deployment without burdening the volume of data at any time.

One Device

For the use of Medicospeaker only one device is necessary.

Intelligent search function

Medicospeaker integrates an intelligent search function. The search for a keyword navigates to a suitable conversation or phrase.

Extensive conversations reproduced in 15 languages

The translations have been created by bilingual adults or translation agencies.
We will be happy to provide you with further languages - just let us know.


    Translations are available for all languages


    Translations are partly available

Currently available languages

Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish


Medicospeaker Free

  • Selected translations for emergency situations
  • All currently available languages

Medicospeaker Enterprise


  • Phrases from the patients' point of view
  • Phrases from the medical staffs' point of view
  • Translations of processes after the nursing science model from Juchli
    • Short admission interview
    • Anamnesis
    • Morning care
    • Evening care
    • Activities of living
    • Several institutions
    • Pre-surgery
    • Patients' needs

If you have noticed an error or you have suggestions for improvement, please give us your feedback here.

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